Our Intention

Islamic Lady was a project founded by some women, whom were born and bred in the north of England. Being born into Islam was a blessing, that with time they have come to appreciate. Although the understanding of faith and religion is something we believe to be personal and based on an individual and their own hearts/minds. Life is a journey of growth and search for guidance for all aspects.

This is not a resource just for muslims – our aim is simply to share information which originated from or evolved from Islam. We are women (freedom and equality has allowed us to speak/write freely) and hence the resource is named Islamic Lady.

Any religion clearly states that education and improving our knowledge, awareness and nurture of virtuous character traits that we all possess, can enable us to coexist with respect and equality for all. Being a good person specifies the same even if you do not believe in any religion.

Stereotypes should not exist but they do. We can all be culprits of negative acts and have to better ourselves, as that’s the first place to start.

We live in a culture founded by opression, opression results in hate, from gender to skin colour (the complexion of your pigment) there’s human rights for everyone there is no difference. We should all be proud to be ourselves.

No one should preach hate, no freedom can truly exist until others consider him/her to be equal! We have all been given beautiful minds to create colourful, expressive canvases which are unique, that is the privilege of our difference in opinions.

We can all share love, compassion, respect and peace with all living things.